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Motrin Moms React

I just noticed there’s a growing uproar over on Twitter about this ad hosted on the Motrin homepage.  (If the Motrin team is listening to social media at all, that link won’t work for long.  I wonder how long the ad will actually live on its homepage?)

Check out the Twitter backlash here.


It seems this ad just appeared, and I just watched it — it’s a kind of frenetic, mostly text-based appeal to “moms who wear their kids” in slings, backpacks, and whatnot, to use Motrin to ease the back pain kid-carrying can cause.

Oddly, the narration seems to doubt the very wisdom of “wearing” your kid, and implies that women do it just to “look like a real mom.”  Then it calls them crazy.  Then it asks them to buy Motrin.

Interesting.  Doesn’t seem to be going over well.








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