Strategy and support

What I Do

I work with creative individuals and groups who want to improve their businesses and their lives.  I help people gain a better understanding of what the online world can offer them, and what tools might be a good fit for their skills, goals, and passions.

I can help you:

  • Expand your reach online through social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Amplify your voice through online media like blogs, podcasts, videos, and e-books
  • Refine your message with professionally written website copy, white papers, advertising, and more
  • Understand your audience better through measurement, tracking, and analysis
  • Increase your visibility on search engines and other listing and aggregating sites

If you think you might like to hire me, or just want to talk things over, please email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

What is a Creative Professional?

You might be a professional artist, dancer, actor, architect, set designer, sculptor, or writer. Creative production is your daily life, but you need help with some of the nuts and bolts of marketing yourself, both online and off. I can help.

You might be a nonprofit administrator, responsible for fulfilling the mission of a creativity- or cause-driven organization. You operate on a shoestring, and you need cost-effective ways to build your audience and increase donations in ways that don’t require you to be a technical wizard, and that don’t take up too much of your already scarce time. I can help.

You might own a small business that is creative at its core, whether it is a community-focused coffee house and bookstore, an interior decorating company committed to sustainable design, a dog-friendly bed and breakfast, or a therapeutic massage studio.  You want to market your business in a way that conveys your uniquely human voice and that is successful in reaching and engaging your most passionately devoted niche audience. I can help.

Who I Am

My name is Beth Dunn, and I’m delighted you’re here. I was born and raised on Cape Cod, and I am deeply connected to my local community and to the wider world. I attended Mount Holyoke College for my undergraduate degree, then lived in upstate New York for almost a decade before moving back to Cape Cod.  I’ve owned several small businesses and consultancies, and have worked in the nonprofit cultural sector for over 15 years. I have designed and taught several marketing and technology courses for artists and cultural organizations, and have been blogging since 2001.

My Background

My background is in nonprofit management — I was most recently the Director of Communications and Technology for the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, and before that I was the Director of Communications for a thriving, year-round family theater on Cape Cod. I’m an early technology adopter, a social media enthusiast, and an avid connector of like-minded people, and I love finding ways to use tech tools to help people work, learn, and build community.

To learn more, drop me a line.