Little Known Fact

This semester, I started a weekly speaker series at school called Little Known Fact.  Each week, a current MBA student at the Simmons School of Management gives a brief, informal presentation on some topic that she is passionate about — something that wouldn’t come up in everyday classroom conversation.

It’s a chance for us all to get together, blow off some steam, and learn more about what we do in the off-hours.  There is usually a strong component of audience participation to Little Known Fact, Powerpoint slides are strictly prohibited, and cookies, chips, and other snacks and treats are plentiful. That’s right, it’s that always magical combination: graduate students and free food!

This week, Little Known Fact featured my good friend Ashley Lucas, who played rugby in college, and who more recently played on a pretty darn successful women’s rugby team in the Boston area.  She managed to teach us a lot about the game in a short period of time, got us moving around (and wearing funny clothes), showed us how to do a “line-out” and a “scrum” — all of which I managed to capture on video for posterity.

So here you go… a little taste of what a little precious, rare downtime is like at the Simmons School of Management.

Many thanks to the Simmons School of Management for their generous support of Little Known Fact, to Tara Healey for providing the cookies and other refreshments each week, to all the other speakers this semester, and to Ashley Lucas, for a phenomenal introduction to rugby.  Music in the video is podsafe music; Sugar Rush by Beau Hall.

Little Known Fact happens every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on the second floor of the Simmons School of Management building at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts.  All are welcome, and attendance is free.


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