twitter honor roll

Liz Strauss just published a generous, helpful, and useful post (those adjectives tend to follow Liz around wherever she goes, if you haven’t noticed), celebrating the behaviors she admires on Twitter, and the people she admires for embodying those behaviors.

I’ve been thinking recently about how much I need to do a Spread-the-Love post about all the amazing people I’ve met in this space in the last year, and Liz’s call just spurred me into action.

First, read her list.

My favorite Twitter behaviors on her list?

5.  talk mostly about the accomplishments of others.

9.  have a different conversation with every individual and every business.

14.  are incredibly curious about what works, what doesn’t work, seek feedback often, and look to improve what they do.

19.  get paid to strategize business, build tactical plans, but won’t “monetize” relationships.

21.  keep their promises.

What would I add to this list?

1.  share some pieces of their real, personal selves online, with dignity and in moderation, but enough so that the tie we build is real.

2.  respond well when others do the same, understanding how vulnerable this can make people feel, and that we all need encouragement.

3.  ask questions that they don’t know the answers to, that aren’t rhetorical, that reveal the asker’s “ignorance” (or lack of expertise) if necessary.

4.  maintain a tone of hopefulness, helpfulness, and fun.

Who is on my list?














Who’s on yours?


6 responses to “twitter honor roll

  1. I love what you’ve done here! The people you’ve added are onces I too admire. Thank you for this!

  2. You are kind, thoughtful, and gracious. Thanks for the call out. Have a great holiday!

  3. Hi Beth,
    That’s such a nice post and I love your additions to Liz’s list.
    I would add that a behavior I admire is those that are approachable, helpful and fun in-person at Tweet-ups and other events. You’re on that list for me and so glad we met at SNCR Symposium this year. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Wow, I am honored to be on this list of extraordinary people. However, your post is just amazing! So heart warming, it made me feel great! it was so nice to be able to meet you this year in Boston and this community hasn’t done anything but help me grow. If I have helped others in my process, I am humbled and honored.

  5. hi beth,
    i am new to twitter- really exploring it tonight for the first time. Thanks for posting about it so I can learn more!

  6. Hi Melissa, welcome!

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