podcasting under fire

Len Edgerly was my featured speaker last night in the class I’m presenting at work, What’s Your Story: Personal Branding, PR and New Media for Artists. (Check out the class blog here.)

Unfortunately, we ran into some logistical problems when, minutes before the class was to begin, we noticed smoke coming out of two outlets in the wall — one of which had Len’s MacBook Air plugged into it. Via a surge protector, thank god.

Because POP! SIZZLE! and suddenly we were scrambling on the floor, unplugging everything in sight, while the acrid smell of electric… things… burning wafted through the air.

We called the fire department and, while we were waiting for them to arrive (they were super prompt), we made arrangements to move the class across the street to Cape Cod Community College. MANY THANKS to our friends at the college — they really came through for us and hooked us up with a large auditorium and a technician (after hours!) to help us with the a/v.

Len was presenting on podcasting and video podcasting for artists, so the visual portion of his presentation was to consist largely of live internet demos of audio and video on the web. So there was a lot of a/v to be handled.

Len was a real pro and rolled with the punches, striding effortlessly into his presentation like we had planned this all along.

Of course, because he is a podcaster, he was recording all the while, and you can listen to the resulting podcast here. (To hear the whole talk, minus the firemen, go right over here.)

Thrill to the sounds of fire engines, several incredibly large and helpful firemen, and a room full of artists getting turned on to the joys of podcasting!

Watch an unsuspecting artist tell his story and have it be immediately posted to Flickr video, as an object lesson of the ease of posting video to the web!

Read all of Len’s helpful links on the delicious page he created for the class!

It was a great session — Len is a terrific speaker and is really effective at conveying his enthusiasm to others, all while keeping it at a friendly level for a group of technology novices. And he really keeps a cool head under fire.

Thank you, Len!


2 responses to “podcasting under fire

  1. This is a great account of our adventure, Beth. I’m back in Denver, still savoring a great evening on Cape Cod. I can truly say this was a presentation I’ll never forget!

  2. Those links will keep me busy today! 🙂 Thanks so much again to you and all the folk doing What’s Your Story.

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