for the neighborhood

Nonprofit blogger and Twitter friend Social Butterfly was kind enough to do a quick profile of me on her blog, fly4change, after Beth Kanter nominated me after her profile.  Fun!

(Stay tuned to Social Butterfly’s ongoing series, Meet the Neighbors, to see who I nominated…)

This is part of a trend I’m noticing among the social media crowd I run with (that’s right), that is, making an effort to widen the circle and try to get to know each other in more depth than can perhaps be conveyed in a 140-character tweet.

Chris Brogan issued a call yesterday to spend the day reading and commenting, rather than posting, for a change. I did my bit by reading some of the feeds in my reader that I’m usually too busy to get to, on the theory that, while I might have relegated them in my mind at some point in the past to having content that wasn’t perhaps central to my life or interests, who’s to say that’s still the case? Or that today wasn’t THE DAY that I just HAD to read THAT BLOG?

And then I commented on a few blogs that I had only ever lurked on. It’s good to keep in practice, sabe?


2 responses to “for the neighborhood

  1. He said MONDAY. Whew. You scared me there for a minute and I thought I’d missed the day! 🙂 (not that the day is actually important, I should do it all the time)

    Monday I’m going to diligently read all my feeds and follow comments to find new blogs to explore. And comment of course. 🙂 My anticipate a lot more subscribed feeds in my Blogger on Tuesday.

  2. wow, shows just how much skimming I’m doing these days, huh? Sorry about the false alarm! Something to look forward to on Monday!

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