geeks gone wild

Geek Girl Camp Cape Cod is a new mini-conference for the technologically-inclined of the female persuasion, and it is debuting next month right here on Cape Cod, in lovely downtown Hyannis.

Set for Thursday, April 17 and running from 5:30 pm until… some intriguingly unspecified time later in the evening… this one-evening shebang will feature speakers on blogging, website design, online marketing, and social networking.

Now open for registration!

Me? I’ll be there, presenting a session on blogging for beginners.

(Hint: I’m in favor of it.)


2 responses to “geeks gone wild

  1. I’m trying to build a network of digitally adept, sharp people who can help me track down those really interesting projects.

    I see that you are going to present at Geek Girl Camp. If you run into Leslie Fishlock maybe the two of you could have a sidebar discussion about creative ways that the Girl Camp concept could be leveraged to build the nonprofits in your market.

  2. omg. be prepared for a heckler 🙂

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