more good things from google for nonprofits

Google announced today that their long-awaited version of a wiki app is now live, and is called Google Sites. It appears to be another in their seemingly endless line of lightweight, easy to launch and maintain applications, making it an almost effortless and very comfortable choice for users who are already comfortable with Google Docs.

So far, so good. This strategy is very appealing to users who cringe in horror at the thought of memorizing yet another username and password to administer yet another somewhat foreign bit of technology.

Within the safe, trusted environment of Google’s pristine white walls and brightly colored serifs, users can set up a project collaboration site, intranet, or simple group homepage in a matter of minutes, all with the same level of technical skill it takes to write an email.

You’ll need to set up a Google Apps account to use Google Sites, but fortunately it’s much easier to do so now that Google Team Apps is live — and free.

Those Google Forms seem to be working out well for nonprofits already, too. I’ve heard of a few groups already intheprocess of setting them up for online surveys, event registration, and online grant applications.

What do you think? Are we keeping our fingers crossed for a Google CRM?


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