home stretch for america’s giving contest

Let’s help the Sharing Foundation win the grand prize of $50,000 in ten days when this contest is over!

Here’s the scoop:

The Sharing Foundation helps Cambodian orphans in a multitude of fantastic ways.

The America’s Giving Challenge will give $50,000 to the four top fundraisers in January. That leaves ten days.

Michele Martin has set up the online giving machine.

Beth Kanter urges you to donate just $10 during the next 24 hours, because this contest rewards you for the number of individual donors — both over the course of the month and, suddenly, for TODAY.

We are winning.


You can give right here, right now.

I think this is a great cause, in addition to being a very interesting experiment in social networking for philanthropy.

I think The Sharing Foundation would do mountains of good for needy children with an extra 50 grand.

I think this is a terrific case study for online donation drives, micro-philanthropy, and social networking for positive change.

I am also very competitive.

So let’s WIN!


4 responses to “home stretch for america’s giving contest

  1. Nicely done Beth! I gotta do my updates and solicitations now too!

  2. Thanks for your support on this Beth! Looks like we’ve had 10 more donations in the past few hours, which is awesome. Hopefully we’ll win the incentive contest they’re running for today!

  3. Beth,

    Nice! I was so busy twittering that I just got to my rss feeds and watch lists. Sorry not say thank you for your awesome support sooner.

    Looking forward to having dinner with you too on Saturday evening .. my hub and kids will be with me – so bring your significant other too ..

  4. Pingback: my dinner with @kanter « small dots

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