happy birthday beth kanter!

Beth Kanter, nonprofit technology blogger extraordinaire, is celebrating her 51st birthday on January 11!


Happy Birthday, Beth!

You can wish Beth a happy birthday, too, by contributing a small yet meaningful gift to the Sharing Foundation’s America’s Giving Challenge over at Global Giving.  In honor of her birthday, Beth is trying to get 51 people to donate just $10 each within 51 hours.

At one donor (and a lousy ten bucks a pop) per hour, that really shouldn’t be too hard to do!

There are three great reasons to donate right now:

  1. The Sharing Foundation is an amazing organization that serves Cambodia’s orphaned and disadvantaged children.  They run an orphanage, a Montessori preschool, language programs (Khmer and English), scholarship programs for high school and college, and lots more.  Read all about it.  If nothing else, give a little that goes a seriously long way with some kids who really need some care and support.
  2. The fundraising effort is also part of a larger campaig, the America’s Giving Challenge, which aims to inspire more people to give to more causes through online activism.  It’s a great way to prove the power of micro-philanthropy, the power on online community, and the strength of numbers — even when each of those numbers alone represents only a seemingly small gift.
  3. Beth Kanter is an amazing person, blogger, parent, and activist.  You should do something to help make her happy.  This will do nicely.

What more do you need to know?  Give Beth Kanter a happy birthday, give some kids in Cambodia a brighter future, and give America a clue.

Just Give.


5 responses to “happy birthday beth kanter!

  1. wow so cute. wish you good luck. Happy birthday.

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  3. Beth,

    I’m sitting here crying and feeling oh so guilty that my google alerts were set to daily and not immediate. Thank you so much.

    My birthday was best ever. Why? Because of people like you that the social web has let me connect to because of our mutual interests.

    I had to fly from Boston to San Diego on my b-day and no spend it catching up with all these wonderful posts .. long story …. but I am so glad that we’re connected one way or another. I do hope that you can come to New Orleans for NTC.

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