perpetual motion machine

At the end of the day today I spoke for a long time with Rebecca Krause-Hardie, an Arts/Technology blogger with whom I appear to have a great deal in common. It was a free-wheeling conversation, not least, I suspect, because I had ingested very little besides several vats of coffee throughout the course of the day, a circumstance that I fear might have led to some rambling and incoherency on my part.

I might have implied that I am against hugging. And certain southern cities. I’d like to state for the record that this is not the case.

In any case, I look forward to her summary of our conversation, which I gather will be posted on her blog in due time. I plan to return the favor next week, after switching to chamomile tea for a few days.

In the meantime, I am very intrigued by her desire to build a sort of resource/clearing house/online community for arts organizations using web 2.0 tools like podcasting, blogging, and social networking sites. We tossed around a few ideas about how this might be done, what would be useful, relevant, and interesting, and how such a thing might be constructed for the greater good.

In fact, we’ve got an idea that I’m going to spend some hours on this weekend, see if we can rig up some pulleys and weights and mirrors and buckets to make something interesting happen.


One response to “perpetual motion machine

  1. Interesting… I look forward to the posted conversation and the pulley system idea. Please stop making me laugh while drinking my morning coffee (against hugging and Southern cities, strangely I could see myself making the same apology…). Or perhaps don’t. 🙂

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