eight things meme

“Eight things you (probably) didn’t know about me.”

A few of the blogs I read have been bandying this one about, and since two of them decided against tagging anyone specific with it, I’m going to call myself tagged and take up the mantle myself.

To keep up the thread, I’ll link myself back to Doug Haslam, whom I know as DougH on Twitter, mostly because I was so excited to discover that he used to produce Only a Game, which I love.

  1. I don’t care for chocolate. I’ll eat it if it’s the polite thing to do, but I can’t manage to eat much, because it’s just too rich and, um, chocolatey. I know. Freak.
  2. I’m a huge fan of Victorian fiction. The more mannered and indecipherable, the better. Bonus points for references to foodstuffs so obscure that nobody really knows what they actually were. Or why they were eaten. (Blancmange, I’m looking at you.)
  3. I like to knit, but really only in the very complicated sock genre. Cables, lace, ribs, patterns. Very very small needles. Very, very fine yarn. Only ridiculously expensive yarn.
  4. I was a geology major in college. Paleontology specialty. Micropaleontology, in fact. Conodonts, if you must know, were my bag. They’re good for finding oil. I never did use them for that.
  5. I used to run a nightclub. Live music, seven nights a week. All kinds: blues, rock, raggae, jazz, triphop, cheesy 70s covers, ska, emo, soul. It involved a lot of postering.
  6. I also edited romance novels as a freelancer for Random House for several years. Not just romance novels. The kind of romance novels that also involve magic. And possibly dragons. Plus or minus fairies. Mostly taking place in Scotland or Ireland. A very surreal way to earn a living.
  7. I played the euphonium for most of my life. Just picked it up again. I can’t improvise, never could, but I can sight-read like there’s no tomorrow.
  8. I am a straightener. I place things at right angles to each other. I arrange items neatly and then place them in symmetrically pleasing locations. Then I sit back, and enjoy the effect.

And that’s what I have to say about that.

I’m tagging someone I just met, because I want to know more about her. With any luck, she’ll respond before our scheduled phone conversation tomorrow afternoon, so we can discuss.

Rebecca Krause-Hardie

One response to “eight things meme

  1. Oh I am soooo delinquent! I alternate from feeling like a have a complete grasp on stuff to being hopelessly lost. I only just now found that you have tagged me! How did that happen???
    humbly yours


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