rubber, meet road

So I gave my much-anticipated (by me, at least) presentation this morning on Web 2.0 for Nonprofit Communications, and I’m really pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten.   I only covered blogging, photosharing, and social networking, and only in the briefest of brief surveys, because I only had about 15 minutes to speak.

But it sparked some great conversations afterwards, and I got to meet some terrific people who were perhaps already interested in using some of these tools for their nonprofit’s communication goals, but maybe just needed an extra push.  Or perhaps just some affirmation that this is a good and responsible direction to explore.

In any case, I reconfirmed for myself how much I love public speaking, especially on topics as dear to my heart as this.

And best of all, some folks from my own organization are intrigued enough to have asked me to make some concrete proposals about how we should expand our own use of Web 2.0 tools. 

Once again, I am so glad that this is my job, and that this is such an interesting and fast-moving time to be involved in the field.  There is just nothing else I would rather be doing.


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